About EOS

About EOS Music

EOS MUSIC is an independent, Australian owned media distributor for music dealers in Australia, specialising in the distribution of classical, jazz, nostalgia and traditional/inter-cultural music.

EOS MUSIC is the new and independent media distributor providing access to the Global catalogues we exclusively market. It’s not the quantity of labels; it’s the quality of marketing of those labels.

Marketing to group and independent music and book channels, EOS MUSIC has established a unique portfolio of reputable and innovative international record labels. EOS MUSIC is dedicated to presenting these and other premium music recordings through the CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Vinyl titles that span the classical, jazz nostalgia and traditional/inter-cultural music spectrum.

Our e-marketing arm provides a suite of elements to harness this platform in order to distinguish ourselves in this specialised music arena, allowing us to cater for a range of musical tastes with our inimitable music catalogue. Providing a monthly New Release & insightful information EOS e-news (up-dated to our web-site monthly) and a weekly e-Xpress of pertinent reviews from around the world so our retail partners, media and customers are on the cutting-edge of this specialised music spectrum.

Providing SKUs to all retail, on-line and using the ‘long-tail’ business model to provide cost-efficient pricing that mirrors the global exchange rates against the Australian currency.

Our focus is clearly that of marketeer with a commitment to marketing and a sales focus on the labels we represent, and not a producer with a distribution service.

The team at EOS MUSIC, whose combined professional experience brings office management, exceptional customer service and over 60 years in distribution, sales and marketing management, is committed to increase distribution efficiency for its music, audiobook, audiovisual and multi-media products with its new warehouse facilities that maximise new and emerging technologies. With a sales force that is led by one of the veterans of music sales, EOS MUSIC is well positioned to use this foundation to enhance product distribution by achieving ‘sell-through’ in our distribution channels, not just ‘sell-in’.

Our services include:

  • Marketing and Sales management
  • Order and inventory management
  • Logistics – Pick pack and ship
  • Return management
  • Transportation management
  • Customer Service

‘eos, goddess of dawn, brings up the sun at the start of each day.
She is told to open the gates of heaven.’

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